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Roos is an enthusiastic social media specialist with a nose for news and a sense of target groups. Enthusiastic, full of ideas, and she puts together a clear content strategy and calendar without delay. Roos brings movement and shows new possibilities.

Roos acts as a bridge between vision and content, is technically oriented, and knows the latest trends. Roos is a great partner in launching a community or new product and creates optimum conditions for success. And last but not least; she’s a talented communicator who brings out the best in her teammates.

I worked with Roos in the past and therefore decided to start a number of projects with her again. In addition to the quality of her work, I particularly liked her way of working. Roos is clear and fast in her communication, flexible with delivery and uses clear work documents. I would certainly approach Roos again!

Roos is active, creative and a little crazy in a good way. Understands the front and back of everything related to social media, brand marketing, etc. Is a very pleasant colleague.

Roos is creative, ambitious and curious. She will put together a plan in no time to strengthen your brand, whether it is a new website, an existing website, SEO, SEM or Social Media Advertising. With her lively personality, she can empathise with any target group to ensure that your strategy is fully aligned.

Roos is a professional content marketing strategist. She knows very well what she's talking about. And, very important for creatives and concept thinkers: she keeps the overview. We are happy with the steps we have taken as a start-up, with the help of her knowledge.

I’m always interested in exploring new ideas and building new connections. Send me a message if you’d like to chat!



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