DEXTROSE is an independent journalistic magazine with a focus on contemporary art. We want to encourage people to explore different ways of looking at the world by offering a wide range of perspectives through science, philosophy, and art. By putting revolts and rebels, insurgency, and visionaries, the speculative and idealistic in the spotlight DEXTROSE Magazine aims to explore subjects on a deeper level in the hope of inspiring others to do the same.

Through a mix of science, philosophies, and art we aim to provide an original view on gender and sexuality that inspires and stimulates young people in Argentina. We do so by giving different young Argentinians a platform through a magazine, events, and Instagram. We want to give voice to youth with different backgrounds and connect them to answer the question: ‘what is the young Argentinian perspective on gender & sexuality and what are the issues that they face?’. In that way, we want to boost the current debate around gender and sexuality in Argentina.

Direction / Roos Rademaker
Edition / Tali Goldman
Correction / Edna Goldman
Editorial Design / Lamas Burgariotti
Cover work / Diego Bianchi
Cover photography / François Doury
Logo Design / Germán Bardo
Printing / Trama Workshops, Buenos Aires
1,000 copies


Talk about Sexuality & Disability