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Municipality of Amsterdam

Municipality of Amsterdam Together with a network of partners and organizations in the city, we created a recruitment strategy for Impact Creators Amsterdam, a training program for youngsters (16 -27 years) powered by the Municipality of Amsterdam. The main goal was to get Impact Creators on the map by informing schools, social work organizations, and […]


DEXTROSE Mag Through a mix of science, philosophies, and art we aim to provide an original view on gender and sexuality that inspires and stimulates. We do so by giving young voices a platform through a magazine, events, and Instagram.  Direction / Roos RademakerEdition / Tali GoldmanCorrection / Edna GoldmanEditorial Design / Lamas BurgariottiCover work […]

Municipality of Zaanstad

Local Heroes My favorite projects are the ones in which I’m involved from the get-go. During the launch of Local Heroes, a social service for young people from the Municipality of Zaanstad, my role was on the strategic and managing side, in which I was responsible for the brand strategy, website design, copy, visuals, influencer […]

‘t Lokaal

‘t Lokaal ‘t Lokaal brings business, education, government and healthcare together in research and projects. The strategy of ‘t Lokaal is based on the “WOZ”-vision: strengthening Employment – Training & Education – Care. I designed a website that showcase the connection between these domains. Together with an animator, we created a visual of the logo and […]


Hunkemöller For Hunkemöller I managed a total of 500 SEO texts in 6 European languages to stimulate the growth of search traffic. I had put together an international team of writers I had previously worked with on other projects. Lisa Kollman, Content Manager Hunkemoller: Read More “Already worked with Roos on a content project in […]

Vereniging Eigen Huis

Vereniging Eigen Huis Interm Social Media Manager For 3,5 months I took over the social media channels of Vereniging Eigen Huis: a Dutch interest group and consumer organization for private individuals who own or want to own their own home. They provide a scale of different services. During that time I was working closely together […]


Otravo In a period of 6 months, we have written 1.800 SEO optimized articles for Otravo´s website With a team of native Dutch copywriters we were able to bring their website to a next level.      


Basic-Fit We created 25 blog posts in Spanish, French, Flemish, Walloon and Dutch (100 blogs in total). Providing relevant and useful information for their international fitness clients.

Seaze the Day Events

Seaze the Day Yoga Events International Events with influential Yogis. I assisted the yoga startup with social media campaigns and promotional content focusing on creating content with the international yogi influencers.  Julia Donk-Payer, Co-Founder Seaze the Day Read More Roos is a professional content marketing strategist. She knows very well what she is talking about. […]